About The Book


In A Gladiator’s Journey, you will follow a little boy through many trials and tribulations on his voyage into manhood – where he is ultimately molded into a gladiator by limited choices, isolation, racism, and alcoholism. The story will progress into the realization that the tools acquired to survive childhood do not provide the same sense of control/protection/comfort for the little boy as he transitions into adulthood. At some point the adult child begins to recognize the pain he has caused, and the survival skills learned as a child have contributed to his life choices, philosophies, etc. The author will lead you into an abyss of pain of which he has had to endure, recognition and recovery from that pain, and ultimately the healing that will provide glimpses of what can be as he begins to allow himself to heal- one day at a time.

My hope is to touch people in such a way that they are encouraged to explore the possibility that they too, may be affected by their childhood experiences. If you think this may be you, there are resources that can and will help you – all you have to do is ask.

There is still time to love like you have never been hurt, and have fun like no one is watching. Remember, a life half lived is no life at all.

Everyone has a story…what’s yours?


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